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Self-Pleasure Workbook, Table For One!

Self-Pleasure Workbook, Table For One!

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The Self-Pleasure Workbook Table For One is a research based, workbook that educate and empower women to learn and master their body through masturbation.


Table For One contains 100 pages, containing over 20 activities that you can do at home to improve your knowledge about your sexuality and sensuality. Also included are 12 calendar sheets that educate you on how to mannually and accurately track your symptoms and date of ovualtion,  and your menstrual period.  


From family planning, sensuality, and masturbation activites, to sexual health and pleasure education, this workbook is the perfect guide for every woman.


Table For One is separated into 5 parts to make it easily digestible for you to read, educate, and complete the activites designed to deepen your sensuality and gain comfortability and confidence with masturbation.


Part 1: The Reproductive System

Learn in detail about the female reproductive system for family planning purposes and sexual pleasure. Exploit that knowledge to make it work in your advantage instead of against you.


Part 2: Learn to Own Your Sexuality

How to accept and embrace your sexuality and live guilt-free in this modern and oppressive day and age.


Part 3: Self-Pleasure

Discover your unique self-pleasure blueprint and experience nights filled with raging passion unlike ever before.


Part 4: Reflection

Explore different techniques to discover your own personal sexual “roadmap”.


Part 5: Intimate Notes

A diary where you can write down your experiences with experimenting different things and exploring the depths of your body.


If you’re sick and tired of not having orgasms and mediocre sex, then Table For One is for you! The activites were curated to help women challenge their value system on masturbation and gain comfort exploring the depths of their vagina. Body mastery is a critical component to having the sex life you desire! 


Table For One Workbook will allow you to…


Educate yourself on family planning, the vagina, vulva, clitoris, vaginal lubrication, orgasms, masturbation and more!  


Discover and explore your wildest fantasies without experiencing any shame or guilt in doing so.


Analyze your feelings about masturbation and get in tune with your body’s natural intuition


Learn all the proper techniques to combat negative feelings that may follow once masturbation has concluded


Find out what type of stimulation you need to reach sexual arousal (everybody is not the same)


Learn all the expert techniques of aftercare that keep your body and mind healthy and potent


Define and design sensuality and intimacy alone without having to rely on outside sources


Maximize sexual pleasure with secret methods that help you achieve total ecstasy in the bedroom


Achieve true body mastery and become more in touch with your feminine side


Identify your orgasms and your unique sex “roadmap” of the stimulation essential to your erogenous zones


Record signs and symptoms of your menstrual cycle and ovulation date for family planning purposes


Have a confidential space for journaling your intimate notes without having any pressure from anyone else


Improve your overall sex life with your partner(s) and truly leave an impression that’s going to stick with them for a lifetime 




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