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Hey Girl, Hey

Thanks for coming by to see me! I have so much in store for you.  My primary goal is to liberate your vagina to your fullest potential. Now, don’t worry, I’m not here to change you into someone you’re not!  I’m here to give you the freedom to be the sexual being you’ve repressed for so long. I know you’re exhausted with the same oh, same oh! Let’s change that. Coming here was one step in the right direction. So sis, let’s go all the way!

Growing up in the projects of Washington Heights in Jacksonville, FL to a single mom, sex education was basic. “Just don’t do it! You’ll wake up with something you can’t get rid of. You have your whole life to do that.” 

The reference to “that” was masturbation and pre-marital sex. Sexuality was such a taboo topic in my household. I remember experiencing sexual feelings as I was approaching puberty, but I thought I was alone.  Surely something was wrong with me because my mom told me, “You have your whole life to do that.” While navigating adolescence, I quickly realized girls are not taught pleasure in the same way as boys. For example, boys have the autonomy to “choke the chicken '' aka masturbate, because “boys will be boys.” On the other hand, girls are not allowed the freedom to explore their own bodies. Early on, it is ingrained in girls’ brain that self-pleasure is a “sin” and “nasty!” The truth? We should be our first sexual partner. We should learn our body before we allow others to discover. Eventually, the little girl grows into an adult woman who is uncomfortable with exploring her body but gives it away freely without understanding pleasure. She then spends long years participating in sexual activity without enjoyment and knowledge of her body and orgasms.


 I began my sexual journey at the tender age of 14. My significant other at the time was 16 years of age. Together, we learned sex and our bodies. I owe a huge part of being comfortable as the sexual being I am to him. But as I grew older, my sexual network expanded and societal views on women’s sexuality began to overshadow my judgment. Things I never had to question, became flustering. Eventually, I had to liberate myself from the ideology that my merit was tied to my vagina. While I do understand there are women who connect their worth to their sexual organ, that was never my desire. I truly believe self-worth and sex are not mutually exclusive. My rites of passage were learning that I could be both: sexually liberated and a woman of virtue. My body is mine to understand, master, and decide how it receives pleasure. Now my mission is to liberate all the vaginas around the world. Welcome to Intimacy Coaching with Jasmine Daniels, the Vagina Liberator.


  • Masters of Public Health from the Florida A&M University

  • Certified Sexuality Educator from the American Association of Sexuality Educator, Counselors, and Therapists (AASECT)

My Superpower is Helping Women

Provide a brave space for women to express their sexuality.


Give women confidence to be as sexual as they desire.


Encourage women to explore why their sexual biases exist.


Assist women with identifying their orgasms.


Sexual Mantras for Liberation

 If you’re going to have sex, you better enjoy it!

vagina (3).png

Whatever I choose to do with my body is a choice I am happy I made. Sexual shame doesn’t live within me.

vagina (3).png

As long as my sexual decisions are led by my pleasure, I am never wrong. I can do whatever I please with my fantasies. 

vagina (3).png

Sex is a journey. I’m forever evolving and redefining

what sex looks like for me.

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